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Raven85's gameplay for Ashes Cricket 2009 (PC)

Raven85 played Ashes Cricket 2009

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Raven85 said...
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Played my first ODI. Batting controls were a bit tricky and lost the match in the end :(. However unlocked the MCG stadium :).
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Would you recommend getting it? Last cricket game i got was Ricky pPonting 05 and i was very disappointed, How are the batting controls?
The batting control are a bit tricky because i could not get my logitech rumplepad to work. However its only a matter of time, i think we can master it pretty quickly because its about timing, I saw in a forum that only the xbox controller works well. The game detects the rumblepad in the settings menu but does not work in-game.

The game itself is quite ok for a cricket game. Since EA has the license, real player names and likensses are missing :(. I still did not get the chance to play it a lot. Therefore i cannot tell you whether its still worth for all my money. What i can tell you is that it is not a great improvement over the last Brian Lara title they released in 2007 or so.
Oh btw today i played a real ashes series. Very dissapointing. You can't save during the middle of a game. You have to finish the test match and you can save only between matches. This is very very annoying :S.

I feel like cheated :(
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